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Forex Strategy Success Strategies that Actually Work

Forex Strategy Success Strategies that Actually Work
Forex Strategy Success Strategies that Actually Work

Forex strategy success strategies that actually work rely greatly upon reading the price structure of movements in spot Forex markets. For consistent profits scalping, day trading or swing trading Forex you ideally want the best Forex strategy ever.

This is something you can use with other techniques and indicators. It’s about price structure using moving averages for one of the most simple Forex trading strategies.


So this first one here the blank line that is the 15 ema exponential moving average and then this next line the red one is the 50 Period Simple moving average. And the yellow one here or maybe it’s orange kind of yellow orange there and that is a hundred period simple moving average. And then the purple one is the 200 Period Simple moving average. So those are the four that I use and I’ve been using them for years and they work really well.

Let me show you how I use these how I read them and so forth. The ultimate challenge and solution is whether the market actually responds to these levels of course. So basically what I’m looking for is the 50 Period simple moving average that I use as my line in the sand between a bull and a bear market. So if you’re above it and it’s singling out may consider that we are in bullish territory the market sentiment is bullish if we’re below it in it is moving down then I consider that we have a bearish sentiment.


It will also provide support resistance because it is a very very common moving average and in fact especially in daily charts it perhaps may be the most common moving average that in the 200 simple moving average. So as the market comes down I look over here first of all this is very important as well when the moving averages clustered together like this.

Essentially what that really means is literally there’s been no significant change in price action over the last 15 periods or bars 50 periods 100 periods and 200 periods. So this is a sign when these moving averages all clustered together like this that we’ve been in a consolidating market and contracting market. This is one of the best Forex strategy success strategies that actually work.


When we come back up where do we go we go to the 200 day. Now if we were to go above the 50 I’m actually we come to all three of them they’re all clustered there today together. But if we were to go Above all three then my reading on the market would be OK. The market participants have not really committed to a bullish or bearish sentiment yet. They’re testing both sides and they tested the downside for Forex strategy success.

They were not able to maintain that with the majority of traders worldwide. And so therefore we do not have a clear bullish market. In other words we don’t have a clear trend. But that’s not what happens when it happens of course is that it does hold the retraces up here the period simple moving average in bounces back down.


It stays in bullish territory. Remember that’s the in line in the sand between bullish and bearish markets. So now we have a trend going and then the longer it goes the more the moving averages start to fan out. That’s called a stacked structure

The pinball pattern is where the market gets stuck between moving averages. So it goes between the 15 and the 50 and it keeps kind of bouncing in there. So a short term volatility signal that we are contracting in we’re looking for a move in one direction or the other in the way I determine which way it that’s going to go out is to look at momentum and the next higher time frame. All right so then we go back up and where do we go.


Timing is a big part of it. And by the way timing is so critical in trading. You really can’t trade without accurate timing and I do have a timing indicator that I do share with my youtube video subscribers. Now we’re going to go up but we’ve got these moving averages which provides support resistance. So it goes back up of course. You know it hits the DMA and of course we have this little pinball next level years ago goes to the hundred.

May notice that it provides resistance there comes back down to the 50 then goes back to the 15 and then comes back down to the 50. Now here’s a distinction that I make with support resistance and maybe I’ll do a separate video on this alone. This actually this part here is actually holding the 50 as support.


We call this the flypaper phenomenon with the support resistance. The market is actually holding the EMA here this whole time comes back down here this low is simply created by just this right here. So we get a triple bottom market comes up to the 50 comes back down to that bottom again comes back up to the 100 it holding 100. This can lead to great Forex strategy success.

And then it comes back down to the 15. Then goes back up to the 200 then it gets back down to 50 then it holds the 100 here. So what you’re seeing is the price structure is very much determined by the moving averages these moving averages do provide support resistance which provides price structure price patterns.